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Haacht Brewery has been a true Belgian family-run brewery for about 125 years. Immerse yourself in the olden days and discover how we’re taking on the future.

Super 8 Rouge
SUPER 8 Rouge, a strong fruit beer with delicious notes of cranberry, a delightfully fine head and a fresh fruity taste that neatly balances sweet and sour. An easy drinker that will soon have you ordering a second round.
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Tongerlo Blond
LUX, Latin for light, refers to the reflection of light in the warm copper colour.
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Super 8 Export
SUPER 8 Export is a light-blond, mild-flavoured, smooth-drinking beer with a firm head.
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Charles Quint Ruby Red
A rich, ruby red special beer that is top fermented and has a mildly sweet aroma of hops.
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Super 8 Blanche
Our white beer has a creamy head and a refreshing aftertaste.
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Super 8 Flandrien
A blond beer full of character flavoured with hop, coriander, oak and vanilla. A strong beer, easy to drink, for the go-getters.
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Every sip releases its characteristic taste in your mouth. It lives its own life, the way it wants to, and stays true to itself.
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Charles Quint Golden Blond
A blond special beer that is top fermented and has a spicy aroma of hops.
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Super 8 IPA
IPA is the abbreviation for the India Pale Ale beer category: amber-coloured beers with more hops.
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Tongerlo Tripel
This Belgian tripel stands out thanks to the scale of fruity notes which accentuates the bitterness of the hops.
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Mystic Cherry
It smells fresh and tasty and has the full flavour of summer cherries combined with wheat beer.
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Ommegang Tripel
A straw-coloured belgian triple with a dry and robust character, a complex bitter and a delicate citrus aroma.
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Tongerlo Brown
NOX, the Latin word for the night, refers to the beer's warm, dark colour.
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