Quality is key

    Our quality control, your quality guarantee

    Starting from product development, Haacht Brewery keeps its ears open to what the market demands in order to pick up on new consumer expectations and requirements. In our laboratory we carry out various experiments and tests before a new product is launched. This is the first step of our quality guarantee.

    Full traceability

    If the new drink is approved, every new step has to pass a thorough quality control. This ranges from the delivery of ingredients and packaging materials, to production and transport of the finished products. Haacht Brewery guarantees full traceability during every phase.

    Professional product development and strict quality control require a laboratory that is equipped with high-tech equipment. Our team of engineers and lab technicians closely monitor the production process and adjust it if necessary.

    After-sales care

    At Haacht Brewery, we attach great importance to after-sales care. We handle and follow up potential complaints, our specialized service team cleans the pump systems in the bars and restaurants that serve one or more of our beers and the hospitality entrepreneurs receive a practical hospitality training.

    Strict quality control for our wines

    There is a difference between the wines we produce ourselves and the wines we commercialize. The commercialized wines are ‘estate bottled’ and their quality is re-assessed every year by experienced wine connoisseurs.

    Our own Saint-Émilion chateau wines originate from La Grande Barde, situated in the wine districts of Montagne and Saint-Georges. Montagne wine grapes are harvested with machines, while Saint-Georges grapes are all handpicked. The entire harvest is then spread on a sorting table to remove all rotten grapes, leaves and impurities. After maceration, the grape juice is fermented.

    Every grape variety is separately digested in stainless steel cone-shaped tanks with computerized temperature controls. This goes for both Château La Grande Barde and Château Haut-Saint-Georges. After this process, the young wine gets to rest in new, oak-wood barrels. La Grande Barde takes twelve months to ripen, Haut-Saint-Georges eighteen months. There’s an art to finding the right balance between the fruit and the oak components which the wine absorbs.