Our social role

    Social responsibility at Haacht Brewery

    Over the years, a residential community has settled around our brewery. That’s why we make sure our neighbors aren’t hindered by our activities. On the other hand, our unique location also offers a lot of local job opportunities. This way we contribute to a better work-life balance for many families from the surrounding area.

    Have you ever driven past our brewery? How about a brewery visit? You’ll be able to experience how we run things around here firsthand!

    Our employees are key

    The wellbeing of our 400 employees has always been fundamental to our brewery. We’re not only proud we’ve never been confronted with reorganizations and collective redundancies , but a healthy and safe working environment is one of our absolute priorities. While designing the new filling lines for the bottling and kegging hall, we paid extra attention to ergonomics and natural daylight. Furthermore, our working conditions are based on respect, personal development and trust. Our employees are able to keep developing their competencies thanks to a variety of training programs.

    Responsible beer consumption

    Chances are you’ve seen and heard the slogan ‘Beer brewed carefully is to be consumed with care’. This slogan was created by the Belgian Brewers in 1992. At the time, the slogan was brought to life in collaboration with the Arnoldus Group. The name Arnoldus refers to the patron saint of the Belgian brewers and symbolizes the Belgian Brewers’ neutrality and engagement. One of the most successful initiatives of the Arnoldus Group are the BOB campaigns. They call on everyone to keep our roads safe, without putting a damper on having fun. The group also supports scientific research that studies the connection between beer and health.