Our strict quality standards

    The strictest quality standards

    Quality is our core value, and our standards and certificates confirm it. Every employee is aware of the quality standards and acts accordingly. To adhere to our quality standards, our suppliers must meet our quality demands as well. That’s why we don’t just have a strict preselection, but also (re)evaluate existing suppliers on a regular basis.

    IFS certificate

    IFS stands for ‘International Food Standard’. This certificate was developed by the food industry and is generally recognized throughout Europe. The IFS certificate is only issued after a positive audit by an independent certification authority. The audit covers both product development and the actual production and after-sales care, but also focuses on purchasing and personnel policies.

    ACS Certificate

    ACS stands for ‘Auto Control System’. The audit associated with this certification mainly focuses on hygiene, HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) and traceability. The Guide for Breweries, the Guide for Waters and Soft Drinks and the Guide for Food Distributors serve as guidelines for this audit. These guides are approved by the Belgian Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain (FASFC).

    AIB Certificate

    Haacht Brewery exclusively bottles Pepsi for the hospitality industry and holds an American-based AIB certificate for it. The audit itself is coordinated from the United Kingdom and highlights hygiene, pest control and good practice in the food industry.

    GMP Food Certificate

    GMP stands for ‘Good Manufacturing Practice’ and aims to protect the quality of the entire food chain. As a brewery, we produce two by-products: spent grains and yeast. In order to deliver both products directly to the farmers, they are evaluated separately during the audit.