Three medals for Haacht Brewery’s SUPER 8 beers at the International Beer Challenge – SUPER 8 Flandrien wins gold

11 Nov 2020

Entire SUPER 8 range now awarded a total of 16 prestigious beer awards

Three beers from Haacht Brewery's SUPER 8 range won awards during the International Beer Challenge 2020. SUPER 8 Flandrien, SUPER 8 IPA and SUPER 8 Export picked up the gold, silver and bronze awards, respectively.

SUPER 8 Flandrien, the characterful blond beer launched in 2018 with flavours of aromatic hop and coriander, and hints of oak and vanilla, took home the gold award in the category 'Belgian/Continental-Style Blonds'. The amber-coloured SUPER 8 IPA claimed silver in the 'Belgian India Pale Ale' category, while the light blonde, gluten-free SUPER 8 Export won bronze in the 'Pilsners' category.

"This is yet another confirmation that our SUPER 8 family - the discovery's advocate - is a hit," says Boudewijn van der Kelen, CEO of Haacht Brewery. "Now that the SUPER 8 Flandrien – the youngest member of the family – has also earned its first big prize, all five SUPER 8 beers have at least one prestigious award on the mantelpiece. Together, they have received an impressive sixteen awards - an amazing performance for such a young brand. We are incredibly proud of this and it motivates us to expand the range even further.